Mail from my pal JOJO (5-May) 
Hi Liz,

I'm going to go to Easter Island tonight. You can go there
only by LanChile Airline. It takes about 4 hours from
Santiago. Easter Island is 3,800 (2,300 miles) kilometers
from Chile, and 4,000 (2,500 miles) kilometers from Tahiti.
Even the nearest island is 1,900 kilometers (1,180 miles)
away. It's a very solitary island far off in the sea.
I wonder how the primitive people made and carried such huge

I had enough time before I went, so I dropped in the town
near the coast. Actually, there are a lot of sights in Chile,
such as the Plaza de Armas, the Moneda Presidential Palace
and museums, but I don't feel like going there.
The thought that I'm going to go to Easter Island doesn't
make me feel like going to these other places.


primitive 原始的

這就是 : moais
這些石像 是怎麼搬到復活節島來的呢?

Easter Island (復活節島跟聖地牙哥的相對位置)
坐 LanChile Airline 需要四小時的時間

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