Mail from my pal JOJO (3-May) 
Hi Liz,

I'm resting at the moment. Chilean people are friendly,
cheerful and kind. I am relieved.

When I was sitting in a park, there was a llama which was
taken from the Andes. It was so cute that I approached it,
paid the charge and rode it. My backside is still aching, but
it was fun!

After that, I dropped in at the Central Market. I think I may
have been walking bowlegged. There are a lot of cheap
vegetables, fruits and seafood there.


嗯 我的JOJO 今天在公園裡看到了從安地斯山脈來的駱駝耶
不過看來逛Central Market讓他累斃了吧
還(Walking blwlegged)腿軟了唷,好嚴重的感覺 (哈)

我找了一張讓人覺得自由的圖片 給你們看看

Fotógrafo : Nicolas Aguayo (作者是Nicolas Aguayo)
(我想Fotógrafo應該是英文的Photograph吧 唸起來好像唷)

輕輕鬆鬆的在公園散步 逛超市逛到腿軟

就算沒有錢可以出國 在身邊的某個角落
我一定也可以找到 自己獨一無二的生活風格

心裡想 怎麼有這麼多人 誤會我的JO桑 去了智利了呢?

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